Me 163 kits and accessories

A discussion of Cutting Edge's new Komet decal sheet in 1/48 scale.

191454/'Yellow 11' was photographed in detail in the UK after the war. I don't agree with Cutting Edge's painting instructions: the forward and rear fuselage were densely mottled, and not painted in solid camouflage colors. Nor do I agree with the quoted colors, RLM 83 and 75. RLM 75 was not used according to a contemporary report.

The picture is too small to see the markings, but CE quotes it to be 'White 1' or possible 'White 4', 1./JG 400, Brandis, February 1945. They say it was "the only photo documented wartime Luftwaffe Komet with a badge on the nose". I interpret this as the only Komet with a 2./JG400 badge ('Wie ein Floh, aber oho!'), and that would probably make it the famous 'sleeping pilot' photo. I haven't figured out yet how they managed to establish this aircraft's code! Also, there are plenty of photos showing Komets with badges, but these are all of the training squadrons 13 or 14.

'White 10' is shown on page 270 of the Classic Publications book. It was flown at one point by Lt. Hans-Ludwig Löscher as part of 1./JG 400, Brandis, February 1945. Interestingly, it had a DF-loop antenna on the spine.

191659/'Yellow 15' is now to be found at the Museum of Flight in East Fortune.

The only photographed Me 163S was 'Yellow 94' as tested by the Soviet Air Force, TsAGI & LII test institutes, Moscow, 1945. Curiously, CE quotes it as 'White 94' whereas I have always read 'Yellow 94'.

'Yellow 2' is shown on page 309 of the Classic Publications book. as part of 7./JG 400, at Husum in April 1945.

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