Me 163B glider weight

Just as an exercise, a very simple weight calculation for a 'civil' glider version of the Komet is shown here. All military and engine/fuel elements are simple left out, compared to the 'military' weight breakdown. The structure weight is not reduced for the much lower maximum weight, and therefore the estimate is very conservative. The all-up weight of 861 kg excluding the pilot is a lot for a small glider, but it is only the starting point of a better analysis. An important omission is the calculation of the new CG position!


     Fuselage 278 kg
Skid & Tail wheel 80 kg
Main undercarriage dolly - kg    omitted
Tail unit 22 kg
Control surfaces 37 kg
Wings 394 kg
Camouflage paint and putty     21 kg
832 kg

Power unit

     Power unit HWK RII 211 - kg omitted
Fuel installation - kg omitted
Operational installation - kg omitted
0 kg

Permanent equipment

     Instruments 9 kg
Electrical installation - kg omitted
Hydraulic installation - kg omitted
9 kg

Additional equipment

     Flying & navigational instruments 7 kg
Safety & rescue equipment 13 kg
Wireless installation - kg omitted
Armour - kg omitted
Armament - kg omitted
20 kg

Additional weight

     T - fuel - kg omitted
C - fuel - kg omitted
Pilot, parachute & special equipment 80 kg reduced
Consumption for 2 MG 151/20 - kg omitted
80 kg

All up weight

941 kg

Landing weight

941 kg

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