Badger 150 needle & nozzle measurements

This page lists some information on the Badger 150, my main airbrush for some 25 years.

Badger 150 nozzle and needle measurements

Way back in the mid-nineties, I measured the three needles and nozzles available for the Badger 150: Fine, Medium and Large. It was all in my desperate attempts to achieve better airbrushing results. I used a microscope with digital XY-table measurement. In 2019 I found the raw drawing again that I made while doing the measurements. I decided to post the drawing as-is, warts and all.

Badger 150 spatter cap modification

Inside the spatter cap, a donut-shaped vortex runs that deposits paint in the inside corners of the spatter cap. I made a crude drawing of this. When enough paint has accumulated, it will be spit out as a large droplet.

Shown on the left is the original spatter cap design, next to it the improved design with four 'teeth', that demonstrates that Badger knew of this problem. But even this design did not stop the spitting. A radical solution to that is removal of the whole front portion of the spatter cap. It's easy to do, the brass grinds and sands away quite easily. A drawback is the vulnerability of the needle, because it's very easy to bump or drop the airbrush. I always put on the metal protection cap, as seen in the back.

The science of airbrushing

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