Flightpath 1/32 Storm Shadow

While I was slowly building a 1/72 Storm Shadow cruise missile, I looked a few times at the Flightpath 1/32 version, that could look really nice as a desk model, alongside the Atomic Models 1/32 AGM-86B cruise missile. At the Aviation Megastore a set of two would cost 60 euros, which was a bit too much for a project that possibly would never materialise. But then I bumped into an offer I could not resist: Belgian model shop 'De Grenadiers' sold off their remaining stock at the IPMS Flanders 2014 show at a vast discount, and I obtained the set for 12 euros. Here's a short review.

The model

The main resin parts are very well cast, and have hardly any parting lines. However, I think the hardback is not correct for an RAF Storm Shadow. This is not much of a problem when the missile is suspended from a Tornado belly. But for a 'flying' desk model it would need to be corrected. Possibly the French SCALP EG version has a different hardback. The exhaust opening looks smallish to me, and actually there is no opening, just a blunt end, without an exhaust. The rear fuselage shape is not completely correct, the relatively flat upper surface has a bulged panel to accomodate the round exhaust.

The usually quoted dimensions of Storm Shadow are a length of 5.1 m, wing span 3 m (note the rounded number), and a body width and height of 0.63 m and 0.48 m. The wing span cannot be checked since it has the wings folded, but for the others I measured 159, 21.5 and 15.5 mm respectively (the latter measured without the nacelle), which translate to 5.09, 0.69 and 0.50 m. Not bad I think. I do think the exhaust opening is too small in diameter, but I don't have a diameter size.
  All fins are made of photo-etched parts, and I'm not sure that this is an easy solution. I think you would need to roll some curvature in the parts to give them an airfoil shape. Template 'a' must be used to scribe the fuselage sides in case you're building a later generation Storm Shadow. I would have much prefered this complex scribing already done by Flightpath, with the (easy) option to fill it in if you're building an older generation missile.


The model does not contain decals, and that is not easily solved by borrowing decals from another model. Possibly the decal sheet included in the Revell 1/72 Eurofighter could be scaled up. The markings used in test flights would also make for a nice model.

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