The Bristol Mercury engine of the Fokker G.I


It will be some time before I really have to worry about the engines of my model, but I've tried to find more information on the Bristol Mercury VIII's of the G.I. Hugo Hooftman's book does not have detail pictures of the engine, but fortunately I found a couple of very nice sources:




Mercury or Pegasus

Fellow G1 builder Sander van Kreijl provided this photo of the built-up resin engine as supplied with the 'upgraded' version of the MPM kit. It consists of a crankcase with individual cilinders. Not included are the prominent valve pushrods (running in black oval cross section housings) and the white baffles between the cilinders.

One could also take a ToRo Models (Poland) 1/48 resin Mercury (catalog number 48001) for inspiration.


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