MPM 1/72 XF-85 Goblin 'Upgraded'

In-the-box kit review

Late 2001 I bought the 'Upgraded' version of MPM's 1/72 XF-85 Goblin kit (catalog number 72134). I already had the original issue (from 1995 or 1996, catalog number 72042), but I bought the 'Upgraded' version for the new resin parts.

The model

As with all of MPM's 'Upgraded' versions, the kit comes in a simplified black and white version of the full-color original box as shown on the right. The plastic parts are completely identical. I expected to find some mold wear, but the newer issue has less flash then my original one. Instead, the new version shows shrinkage dents in the dolly beams, that my original one does not have. The vacform canopy is the same, still with a small molding pip in the middle. Decals and photo etch are identical too, except that the photo-etch is coated now with nickel (I think), as all current Eduard photo-etch. The instructions have an inlay showing the new resin parts and their assembly and painting. The instructions still have the original catalog number on them.

The resin parts

That leaves the resin parts as the only new parts of this kit. They consist of a cockpit tub, a seat, a stick and a center instrument console. They are cast almost perfectly, except for the instrument console, of which several instruments were marred by a worn-out mould (as can be seen in the photo).

I compared these components with the cockpit photos in the 12 page paperback 'XF-85 Goblin - a detailed photo essay' by Steve Muth (Peregrine Publishing, April 2000, ISBN 1930432011). My findings:

Overall, the resin parts are not very realistic at all, and I find the 'upgraded' kit a bad purchase. I would advise anyone who already has the original issue to buy Steve Muth's booklet instead of this kit. On the positive side, the resin parts will create a nice busy cockpit, and that could be enough too for many modelers.

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