The aircraft of the Russian Air Force in East Germany

When the first spotters went east, they were surprised to find so many Fulcrum-C's in East Germany in 1990. Roughly half of the MiG 29's in East Germany were of the new version. This version had been reported only shortly before in 'Jane's all the world aircraft'. Even worse, a new version of the Mi 24 Hind was discovered. We named it Hind-H, following the chemical warfare recce version Hind-G. Later NATO assigned Hind-G1 to the later, and Hind-G2 to the former. A bit strange in our opinion, since the two versions were not linked. But who are we..

This page lists all the main types used in East Germany. For most aircraft types more photographs are available.

An 2 Colt

A couple of these unique biplanes were used as communications aircraft by the Divisions.

An 12 Cub

The single transport unit in East Germany used a small number of the Russian C-130, including some sneaky ones.

An 24 Curl

A small number of An 24's were used as VIP transports.

An 26 Curl

This small transport aircraft was used in limited numbers by the transport unit. An ELINT version was also in use.

Il 20 Coot-A

Two very sneaky Il 20's were used at Sperenberg as ELINT/SIGINT aircraft.

MiG 23 Flogger

Only one wing of MiG 23 interceptors was stationed in East Germany. But two-seat Floggers were also found at all MiG 27 and MiG 29 airbases.

MiG 25 Foxbat

One of the most impressive aircraft stationed in East Germany. Only reconaissance version remained, since the interceptor and wild-weasel variants had been pulled out before the fall of the iron curtain.

MiG 27 Flogger

An interesting swing-wing attack aircraft, used by four wings.

MiG 29 Fulcrum

The main air superiority fighter emplyed in East Germany. Many were of the most modern version, the hump-backed Fulcrum-C.

Mi 2 Hoplite

This old-fashioned looking light helicopter was used in small numbers by special units.

Mi 6 Hook

A single transport wing was equiped with this huge helicopter, with its characteristic swishing sound. Small numbers of special versions were also allocated to command units.

Mi 8 Hip

Used in very large numbers throughout East Germany, in many versions and even more camouflage schemes.

Mi 24 Hind

A heavy but still fearsome attack helicopter, deployed in large numbers and many versions throughout East Germany.

Su 17 Fitter

An older design, but with an impressive performance and of a very rugged design. It equiped two ground attack wings.

Su 24 Fencer

The heaviest attack aircraft used by the Soviets in East Germany. Only specialised recce and electronic warfare versions of this impressive F-111 counterpart were stationed in East Germany after the wall came down. The attack versions had been withdrawn shortly before.

Su 25 Frogfoot

This Afghan war veteran was used by two attack wings.

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