Russian aviation links

This listing is not very extensive, due to a lack of time. In case of dead links,
use the Wayback Machine if you really want to know what used to be published there.

Russian Air Force in East Germany

Red Stars over Germany
Excellent site, similar to this site, opened September 2009

Jetzone 2000
Images of Russian aircraft made in East Germany by Andries van Straten

East German Air Force (NVA/LSK)

Bert Kondruß' Military Airfield Directory
Bert used to maintain an extensive site about the LSK/LV (in German).
Currently it contains an airfield listing

Legacy of the Russian Air Force in East Germany

Brandis air base
A website by former Soviet officer Stanislav Pokhodilo

Bernhard Weiss' great site about deserted air bases, in both west and east Germany
Michael Grube's fascinating site about deserted military objects, in both west and east Germany

Henning Tikwe's site that includes the history of Haina, now Eisenach-Kindel

Russian aviation

Site by Eugene Dvurechenski

Russian Power
Site by Roman Astakhoff, largely in Russian

Russian Airforce: People and Aircraft
Large site in Russian, partly translated to English

East European military aviation

The Russian Aviation Research Page
By David Hames

Various Russian aviation sites

Roy's Russian Resource
Covers language, aviation and other subjects

Phoenix Russian Aviation/Modeling Links
Extensive links list

Russian aircraft modeling

Paul Cotcher's Russian Aircraft Modeling
Extensive site focussing on 1/48 models

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