Remains: Brand

Brand airbase, a former MiG 27 base, was partly bought by CargoLifter, who built a truly giant airship hangar, right in the middle of one of two runways. The rest of the former airbase was still owned by the regional government. In 2002, Cargolifter went under. A friend in Germany sent the following photo report.


Two photos of Cargolifter facilities, a wide-angle composite photo showing a large part of the airbase, and the PR-facility housed in a former shelter.


Brand had twp types of shelters: the very first type with concrete slabs on a steel frame, and concrete type built from prefab bow elements. The fourth photo also shows an open revetment


A collection of photos of buildings at the base. Most are largely demolished.


Concluding, a small variety of photos, showing the railway station, some kind of monument, a few murals, a derelict engine pod (Yak 28?), and some kind of mobile shelter.

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