The remains

The aircraft that stayed behind

Quite a few aircraft were sold off by the Russians, including combat aircraft. A few examples are shown below.

This Mi 24V Hind-E was photographed at Reinsdorf airfield on 12 March 1993. It is a former Brandis (485 OVP) machine coded 'Yellow 01' (c/n 3532422810014). Photos by Berry Vissers
A supermarket in Beelitz obtained a MiG 23 and a Su 7. The airbase closest to Beelitz is Jüterbog, and it is thought the aircraft originated here. The MiG 23ML has strange modifications on the trailing edge of the vertical tail. The MiG 17/19 era Alkali missile isn't original either. It was reported that the aircraft were sprayed with graffity later. Photos by Berry Vissers, 12 May 1993

The former airbases

Incomplete information on the fate of the air bases after the Russians moved out:
Brand Used to temporarily house refugees around 1993, when they flooded Germany. Currently the operating base of CargoLifter. They are building a truly giant hangar of some 300 meters long, 180 meters wide and 100 meters high on one of the old runways. An visitors information center is housed in a former Russian shelter. See also this photo report. After CargoLifter went broke, the huge hangar was turned into My Tropical Islands.
Cochstedt Appears to be a general aviation airfield now. It is also used for flight testing of the giant-span Eta glider. See this page for some photos
Damgarten The base is locked and guarded by security. All Russian-built buildings have been demolished but the original German buildings still stand. The hangars are very impressive. Some photos can be found on the Fliegerhorste site.
Köthen Housed European off-road truck trails in the mid-nineties
Merseburg Merseburg is presently (2002) being transformed. The runway and a small part of the grounds are occupied by a local airfield. One WW2 hangar and and some grounds house an aviation museum. Another hangar still stands but it is in a very bad condition. The original barracks have been renovated and transformed into very nice housings. Very few Russian buildings are left, most of them aircraft shelters
Parchim In summer 2001 it was noted that the offices and barracks area (north of the runway) was completely demolished. It will be turned into an industrial estate. The runway is still in use for general aviation.
Rangsdorf No new use so far. See this 2001 photo impression
Sperenberg Considered as future large airport for Berlin, but plans are abondoned. Two kilometers of either the old runway or the northern taxiways now in use for road surface testing
Tutow All buildings on the base are post-war, and the are mostly empty now. One hangar is used as a store by the local farmers cooperative. The airbase has reopened thanks the initiative of an enthusiast who invested a lot of money to reopen the place as an aerodrome. More information on the Fliegerhorste site.
Werneuchen No new use so far. See this 2001 photo impression
Zerbst Used to temporarily house refugees around 1993, when they flooded Germany. Used for NATO military exercises (2002). A small portion of the base is occupied by a local flying club but with no access to the base itself.
'Cobra 11' The German police TV series 'Cobra 11 - Autobahnpolizei' (broadcasted by RTL+) filmed quite a few action scenes on former Russian air bases. Werneuchen possibly was one of them.

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