Me 163 kits and accessories

This decal set contains decals for Me 262 (top half), He 162 (below middle) and Me 163 (further down) plus an assortment of badges for Me 262, He 163, Me 163, Bf 109, He 100/112 and Ju 88 (bottom). Scan courtesy of Eric Verschuur, from an old Esci catalog

In 2001 the same Eric Verschuur found a sheet at the Flanders Model Show, and was so kind to donate it. This allowed a more detailed analyis. The sheet covers two Komets: the well-known but falsely identified 'White 54' of 13. or 14./JG400, and the rather mysterious 'White 13' in a solid splinter camouflage. Profile and 3-view drawings of the latter aircraft are shown in various books, but I know only this photograph where it can be seen in the background. The decal sheet also contains four pairs of extra Komet badges, all of them showing the Baron von Munchhausen. Quite surprisingly the last Komet-related decal is a strange 'Komet' script that was seen on this Komet repainted in the USA.

The painting instructions are shown below. Note that Esci is the only one so far to spot the smaller ammo loading hatch on 'White 54', no other model or decal producer has ever noted it.

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