Me 163B airfields: Venlo


Two maps of the wartime Venlo airfield, a night fighter base of the Luftwaffe in the Netherlands. This base briefly housed 2./JG400.

Aerial photos

Marcel Hogenhuis of the Förderverein Ehemaliger Fliegerhorst Venlo e.V. kindly contributed this photo that shows the C-Stoff and T-Stoff depot at Venlo. The depot presumably was very similar to the depot still in existence at Twenthe. Its location is pointed out in a cut-out of the first map. As with most of these depots, it is located alongside a railroad track. See Wittmundhafen for another example of a five-bunker complex alongside a railroad track.


The Förderverein Ehemaliger Fliegerhorst Venlo e.V. was established in 2004, with the goal of documenting and preserving the history of Venlo airfield.

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